preview bug with new version

my os is win7 64.
when i open the example to test and preview,some work right,some doesn’t.
1、though some work right,but when in preview mode, if I press left-right-up-down key,the preview game work all right,but the object’s editor also get work by the key press.(it should be not affect the game develop,just look not good).

2、some doesn’t work show compilation to event failed,eg:I choose the shoot.gdg,the error is below:
compilationErrors.txt (6.36 KB)

Yeah, I think it should disable the editor when the preview is running, would probably help keep you from accidentally messing up your game while previewing it.

If you click inside the scene when previewing it, the focus should then be only on the scene, and pressing keys won’t affect the others editors.

I do not have this error with this example… Are you sure you’re using the latest version of GD?
Have you made any change to the example ?
You can try this fix: Go to /include/GDL/GDL and open Object.h file.
When the file is opened, search a line beginning with #include and add #include after this line.

Close GD, open it again, and check if Shoot.gdg is working again. Let me known if it works or not.

1、I should do it,but still affect the object editor, early version don’t meet the problem.
when I choose play in window,it works all right,will not affect the object editor.

2、complies error bug now fix by add your code,it work all right!

thanks,click play in winow also can.the problem don’t affect game develop,just looks bad.

Ok, the problem is fixed for the next version.