Privacy for Android Games created with GD

The game created with GD, that are not requesting the user to fill any kind of forms, with email, name, etc. Needed the privacy statement? If Yes, is there one standard one for this case?

Let’s say i want to make a game similar to the one arcade of the training or to the memo game, but i insert interstitial and/or admob banners. Do I need it?

I saw there was a similar question of 2019, where was reported from the author that he solved, but he was not explaining how. Anyone here that can help me please?

Thanks and regards

I guess it depends. I know that for an edge extension I coded I had to do a privacy statement saying I don’t collect user data to be allowed to publish it, so I guess it depends. I recommend doing one just in case.

Yes, I was thinking the same, but i don’t know from where starts to make it one. is maybe out of thre some free service that generate standar privacy for your app?