Problem about Position tweening

Hey, Greetings,
I am using Gdevelop from last year, but I haven’t tried the tweening behaviour before. Recently I started working on it, as it makes nice animation on GUI.
But I have encountered a problem, the positon tween apllies on only one object.
To be more clear, I have some buttons, when player put the mouse pointer over them, the respepective button will get upwards like 40 pixels. But, this works on only one button, other buttons stands still, they do not tween. I have tried removing tween when finished, but that doesn’t work.

I am a newbie in tweening, can you please help me in this? Maybe you can explain me if I have missed something, or may provide a tutorial or something. I couldn’t find anything about tweening on the Wiki either.

the Tween behavior must be assigned to all object which you are want to move with it. even if they are in a group and you work with the group in your action!
and may be necessary to use the “for each object” event instead of the standard event.

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Hey, thanks for your suggestion.
everything was ok, but I messed up with anchoring, all the button except one were anchored proportionally in all axis, thats why they didn’t tween their position. Now I fixed them, and Everything’s fine.

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