Problem after last update

hi, after the last update I’m encountering problems on this part of the code, where enemy 10 wasn’t hit by projectiles when the animation was attacking in those specific frames.
now it is not damaged in any way and no animations.

I tried to create a boolean variable but that doesn’t seem to work either…

Was this running fine before the update?

I noticed, I had added some events in a project and pushed them to a repo I keep on an sd card. Later when I pulled them from the sd card to a machine I use an older version of GDevelop on, I was surprised to see 2 unknown/unsupported events (one was to modify text, one was to scale text) . I mean I’m not surprised that all the new features of GDevelop are not supported or known on the older version, but I was surprised 2 very basic commands were unrecognized. So anyway my point is, if it was working before, maybe some of those events have been deprecated. Go to preferences and check the box that says to warn of deprecated conditions and events.

yes previously it worked correctly, to tell the truth other events after the update also started to create problems.
I followed your advice and enabled the deprecated events entry and now I have a caution symbol on my side

Try to find which event replaces the deprecated one you have and see if updating your event to that helps.

I wish I could be more helpful but I just have not been experiencing any of the buggy behavior a few others have been reporting. I have tried opening old projects, sample projects and tests and playing around files I have made and some of them are very old, probably at least a year from when I first started. The ones I’ve tried all run normally even though there are several marked deprecated events in them. Even my very first game ever (after the Victris Games tutorial), works fine, as does my second one. And those are so awfully written haha, it is a wonder they work at all. And they are my oldest work in GDevelop.

I would think of all people, I would be getting the bugginess being described because I never declared variables unless they were more like constant values my game needed to function correctly - not values that would only exist (and vary) during gameplay.

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hi I managed to solve it by adding a boolean variable to all the enemies so it seems to work.
thank you so much Lucky-j

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