Problem changing scene after build

Hi, i m trying to make a platform game and this is my first time. After i build the game, it have problems when changing the scene. But when i test it at the preview, it shows no error, as it changes the scene once i click the button.
I am clueless about it, please help me.

This is the end scene where user completes the game, it directs to this scene

Error happens when it comes to end scene and end2 scene, it does not return to the menu scene, level 1 scene and quit the game after i build it. But it shows no error during the preview.

First of all try restarting gdevelop.
Secondly try taking out some events and replacing it with events to change the scenes (this is what I also do, I take out some events and try to trace down an exact ptoblem once it’s fixed I bring my events back)

This is the end2 scene when user fails the game

I think the sound channel is empty

Your events looks perfect, that should work in any game scene. Try reviewing all your events.