[Problem] Compiling at Win7

Is Game Develop able to compile for Win7 ?

I got big problems in Win7 to start my compiled programs.

They won’t start, and crash or have problems to render the grafic files…

Can I do something to solve this? I did not found any doku for win7 compiling…

(I am working at a XP SP3 system)

Normally, the compilation works for all computer Windows, can you send the compiled game (I’ve Win7, I can test) ?
Have your Win7 test computer a graphic card ?

file-upload.net/download-390 … r.zip.html

but i got win7, too. it won’t work at this machine…

i edited the program at win7 and compiled it there. a copy of it at a XP system works perfectly…

program should open, load a screenshot…, nothing else … just a little test

at win7 the program starts, the game windows comes up and shows a white screen… after a while it crashes to the desktop

So, if I’ve understood : when you compile the game on Win7, it works on both Xp and Win7. And when, you compile on XP, the game doesn’t work on Win7 ?

EDIT : You example works perfectly.

no, i compile at win7

win7 > crash
winxp > runs normal

i compile at winxp

win7 > same crash
winxp > runs normal

should be my win7 then…, are you able to start (and play) the game i upload to my site www.myreason.de.ms (Mathe-Pferd) ?

at “my” win7 the program crashed

Yes, it works.

Have your Win7 computer a graphic card ?

sure I have… without you can’t see anything :smiley:

The System Manager tells me

Intel G41 Express-Chipset MS Corporation WDDM1.1

Ah, when I’ve said Graphic card : I mean a real GPU, not a chipset. :wink:
Maybe, the chipset is the cause of the bug (because it works on my computer with an Nvidia GPU)
Try to install the lastest driver. :wink:

i will try to add a grafics card into my system…, it may the onboard card… but nevertheless it should work with it, too, don’t you think…?

it’s reassuring that it’s only me who has got the problem with the game… phew :smiley:

thanks for helping out

Yes, it’s strange. It may be an incompatibility between SFML (used by Game Develop) and your graphic card.
Wait for 4ian, he has certainly more informations about that. :wink:

It’s certainly an incompatibility with the integrated intel chipset ( These kind of low end devices are not always really reliable. )
I’ve just tested the file you’ve uploaded, it works perfectly on my computer ( Windows 7 - 64 bits ), so the problem is really due to the integrated chipset and not Windows 7 ( I develop GD on Windows 7 ).

indeed, i tested GD and the testprograms at other machines, no errors for now… kick under table rush into storage to get a better graphic card :smiling_imp: sorry for bothering

I have a Intel HD onboard, which should be close to yours, and it lauches fine (only a picture with no sound or interaction).
I upgraded the drivers recently because of visual issues with Blender and Unity. You should check yours online (not through Windows Update) if there’s anything new (the last one is labelled 27/10/2011 on intel.com).