Problem my app is opening but closing instantly

Hello i have a big problem everythings were ok my apk worked but i had to change little things so i changed on gdevelop the position of object than i went into some of the files of my projects or idk what and i opened one with notebook than i recreat the apk and now when i want to open on my phone it close instantly with a black screen any idea?

i think it was a java file plz help me ^^ i’m sad to see my app destroyed

do you have ads in your app?
an intersticial maybe?
don’t you have the old code to go back?

yeah i have intesrticial and no i don’t have old code to go back i would like to creat a new one with save as to see if it works but the button isn’t working i don’t think it is intersticial cause my game open about 0.1second and it close instantly and i ve never saw intersticial working on my apk

I had problems with intersticial and shiwed a gray screen but you could hear the sounds of the game. No unxecpected close of app.
If you want I could try to compile it and check, can’t you revert the code you modified?

i didn’t modify code i just opened with note or somthing like that

:thinking: maybe your json file is corrupt.
If you make the preview in gedevelop it works?
Try to save again and compile online. Sometimes server get corrupted. Maybe with another account it works

yeah the preview work and the test mode work on my phonr with the 192.168… ect thats why i ll like to delete the ancient and try to save a new with gdevelop cause everythings is working on gdevelop