Problem object opacity

Hello, i have problem to do something and need help…
i want that when i click on an object of color red, only the clicked red object become transparent, for that no problem…
But when it is transparent and that i click on the second object of color black, i want that the red object selected stay transparent, but it dont work, it become again no transparent…
i send you a screenshot of my events and the link of little exemple of my game !

thank you for help and good development :wink:

I don’t know what you’re trying to do but this is one way. The issue is the inverted cursor conditions. Unless they’re stacked and you click them all at the same time, there will always be either 2 or 3 that aren’t clicked. Inverting the condition inverts the condition while using a NOT condition inverts the result. I can explain further if needed. Since, none of the objects are clicked, while true none get selected. So, you need to select them all. I assumed you wanted to do the same with the other sprite. If not, remove the select all and opacity change.

It would probably be easier if the objects were in a group but it depends on your needs.

Thank you for answer :wink: It dont work again… i just want that only one red obect become transparent when i click on to indicate it is selected, that it’s good… and i want that this object stay transparent to indicate that is selected when i click on a black object… because after i want do this with different object type for create the selected object on the black objects… but i want the selected object stay transparent when i click on the black object because i will create many time the selected object in clicking on the black object… i want the selected object to create become again not transparent only when i click anywhere on the scene but not on a black object… thank you to help me :slight_smile:

If you’re not doing anything to the black object then this should work.


Very good, thank you so much… it work :slight_smile: i will continue my development :wink: thank you and good development too :wink:

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