Problem Text bigger on smartphone

Hi everybody!!

I have a problem with text object. I’ts always bigger on my phone.

Just two screen to show you what I mean :

Screen from my PC:

Screen from my Phone:

As you can see, text are not the same size.

Does anyone have a solution ?

Thank you :blush:

The text object has some known issues. I think a new text object is in the works.
Use the search here or on the github if you want more details.

Do you get the same issue with the default font? Same issue with normal text object and BBCode?

Just change the font something similar to the original, or you can choose whatever fonts you want. With fonts, it will work.

Thank you for your answer both of you.

Gruk :arrow_right: I lready use the default font, I didn’t change it. After you answer I tested It and yes, I have the same issue with BBCode.

reginald :arrow_right:It is already the original font ^^

So, it’s possible that my problem is un unsolved (for the moment) issue ?

The “default” font is the system’s defined font. Windows implementation of default arial is different than android which is different than iOS.

As a test, try a .ttf file for a different font. Not one from your system/system files.

I’m not sure what you mean :sweat_smile:

I made an other test, with “default” and custom font:

Screen from my PC :

Screen from my Phone :

Change the text size settings on your phone.
Find out if that’s the reason

Eurêka!! It’s work! When I change the system’s police to small, it’s work!
Thannk you.

However, does it mean that the size of all text object are different according to the smartphone ??

On the phones settings, yes.
Idk if you can set the display size inside the game.

Is there any way to “fix” the size of a text object ?
To not scale it on smartphone.

for buttons, tiltes and so on (fixed text with low letter count) you could make PNGs.
Text as images. that wont scale.
but for dialog, this would be a ridiculous task.

I’m already using png for button ect. But for things like “score” I have to use a text object.

What do you mean by “this would be a ridiculous task.” ?

It would be a lot of work. :slight_smile:

Cool if you found the culprit.
Did you set that bigger font yourself, or is that the system’s default?

What Android do you have?

Hello :slight_smile:

I’m on a Xiaomi Redmit Note 5 Plus. And my android version is 8.1.0.

To have the same font as my Pc, I have to set the font setting to “small”

But I don’t know what was the default font size.