Problem with create objects and animation

Hi, I’m doing a shooting / platform game,
and I’m trying to make an enemy appear at a certain point. I usually got it with the “create object”, but this enemy comes up with the wrong animation, and it doesn’t change as it moves or does other programmed things. Only the animation has a problem, the behavior itself works correctly. I tried to “force” the animation, returning to the “idle / stand” state, but the animation just doesn’t change! Does anyone know how to solve this?

Try moving the event EnemyHitBox2 is on floor outside
This could be because you are trying to check if EnemyHitBox2 is on floor but also naveTeste and EnemySpawnPoint must be colliding.

Other way is in the first event when EnemyHitBox2 is created add
EnemyHitBox2 change animation to 0

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Thank you, and sorry for the delay in responding.