I tried to download the apk after building it in the same way I’ve done since I use Gdevelop.
When I have tried to download it clicking in the button I got this error messages in the browser.
I use a mac and the browser is Safari.
It’s a testing apk.
Would you help me please?.
Thank you very much in advance.
P.D. Sorry I posted a former post in the wrong section. I’ve already deleted it from the Community Section.

I’ve tried to download it with Chrome.

My gdevelop version is 5.0.135
I need help as soon as possible because I can’t test my game!.

Old versions of the engine generally aren’t supported in any capacity (on the forums nor on the services).

It is entirely possible the online build keys have changed and you will not be able to complete builds using the services going forward, and will either need to upgrade to the current release or just build your projects locally.

I would strongly recommend updating, 5.0.135 is 2 years old at this point.

To be clear: the build keys/processes being invalid would mean the destination file never gets generated. So the downloads url would be invalid/access denied.

Edit: I have also just done a test apk build and was able to successfully build and download it, so this definitely seems to be specific to your project and/or setup, including potentially being on an old version of the engine.

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Thank you very much!
I’ve been checking the releases list and some of the older ones that are closer to my version are already deprecated.
Should I download and install it directly or should I make something else before?.
Would the update process damage my project in any way?.

With being on a 2 year old engine version currently, it is entirely possible something has changed over that time that may impact your project. My recommendation would be to make a backup copy of your entire project folder, move it somewhere else, then upgrade GDevelop. See if anything acts odd after upgrading. If not, you should be fine, if so, you can uninstall the new version and reinstall the old version, then overwrite the project folder with a copy of the backup

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