Problem with falling comend

Hi! I have a problem with player animation, while standing and not moving character can’t decide if it want’s to play idle animation (0) or falling (3). I saw one post here with same issue, but it didn’t help me (correcting colision mask) so I want to ask you if you know how to solve it? because I tried every combination I could think of.


thanks in advance!

here is one of many attempts of resolving problem (that didn’t work of course)

You’re missing “Trigger once” on your animation events. Without it, your animation is getting reset every frame.

oh I didn’t think about that! unfortunetly, no metter where I put “Trigger once” animation still glitches

You need trigger once in every event that changes an animation. You are missing it in one of the four in your last screenshot

Sorry, I tried it too, still glitches :disappointed_relieved:

and when do this, it glitches too

Ok, I solved it, it turns out adding additional object that simulates hit box solves the problem ¯_(ツ)_/¯
Thanks for helping! :smiley:

Can you just show a screenshot of the character hitbox? The problem seems weird and there might be a better way to do it :wink:

of course :smiley: here it is:

Is the hitbox same for all the animation? If not can you share a screenshot for that too?

yes, it is same, so it makes me wonder why it didn’t work

true that it is misterius, becuase I saw on Gdevelop 5 wiki that just putting comend “falling” should work, without additional object that simulates hit box. Fortunetly, this method with hit box is used in an pre made example of platformer game, so I just copied that and it works somehow.

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