Problem with ladder

in my game, the ladders have 3 different parts. the top, the bottom, and the body.
when you press up when you’re in front of the bottom part, you snap to the center of the bottom, and you’re able to move up and down. This part works perfectly when tested.

The top part is where I’m having problems. when you’re not “on the ladder”, it’s supposed to turn into a jumpthru, and this part works fine, but when you try to climb back down, it’s supposed to turn back into a ladder type, and you’re able to move up and down as usual. but the the command only does half the actions. it snaps you to the center of the top part, but you’re unable to move.

here is the gameplay:

When you press up…

you can climb up!

but when you try to go back down once you reach the top…

You’re stuck on the top part!

Here are the events that go with the ladder parts:

Thanks for reporting the issue.
Can you share the scene, so we can confirm it on our side and forward it to the devs?

How do I share a scene?

You need to share it in a project, so either remove the extra scenes, or copy-paste the scene in a new project, then zip the project’s folder and send it to (then share the link :slight_smile:)

Did you resolve it yet?

If there are actions that you don’t need to repeat, remember to use a Trigger once.

In Beta 115 there some news behaviors that maybe can help you with the ladder events

Thank you so much, Gruk. You helped me fix it!