Problem with lights on android

hello there, first i’d like to say that this is an amazing piece of software and thank you for providing it for free, and i’m willing to have a subscription soon.

so simply i put a single light in my game, but when i export it for android it does not appear, everything else seems good. there are also 3 lights in the main menu but they are not appearing too.
when i preview the game on PC, the lights are there.
so lights are not supported on android or what? how do i fix this? Thank you

Lights are a brand new feature, it’s very possible that there are a few bugs.
Can you confirm if your lights work in network preview on Android and/or in web export on Android?
If you have a link to an apk ready to test, it’ll be easier for us to try on our side. :slight_smile:
Also, please confirm which Android version(s) you tried.

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Lights require features that do not work on all hardware, especially on medium or low power hardware.
You must have at least WEBGL 2 active, and again, this depends on hardware and software updates.
This test should work, if it doesn’t then your hardware does not have sufficient capacity to support the lights.