Problem with object not being collison-detected

I seem to have found a bug with objects on non-base layers failing to be collision-detected when the base-layer camera moves away from the position those objects were originally placed. See the attached modification of the basic platformer example to see what I mean.

First I created a new layer (New). Then I created a copy of the platform object, removed the platform behaviour, placed it on the scene, resized it and put it on the New layer. I then added two events so that this object would fade out every time the player collided with it (by jumping up into it).

If you preview the level and jump straight up, the object doesn’t fade out. Walk to the right a bit, jump up again and it does fade out. This continues to work as you walk right, until you reach the edge of the initial window, at which point it stops working again.

The object is visible in a fixed position on the screen (as expected for being on a layer without a moving camera), but somehow stops acting like an object as soon as the base layer camera moves beyond the co-ordinates shown by the window outline in the scene editor. The sprite is still shown, but GDevelop doesn’t seem to recognise it as an object.
Basic platformer - layer (41.1 KB)