Problem with Preview and Publish (ver 5.2.167)


Is anyone having problems with Preview and Publish. Just get a black screen when I try to preview my game or run it when published to

Just updated to gdevelop ver 5.2.167, and I’m running on Windows 11 Home

It all worked fine on the previous version of gdevelop this morning. Problem also occurs on my other games when previewed, so looks like it is not an issue just with the game I’m developing at the moment.

Any advice more than welcome.



Hi @RCorney - can you share the link to your games on here?
If they’re private links, you can send them to

Hi Clement

link on is Professor Lardo's Pocket Puzzles | Play on


Looks like the problem has been solved in release 5.2.168.

Many thanks for sorting so quickly.

All the best