Problem with random results inside repeat loop

When I use the random function inside a repeat loop I always get the same result. It also happens that when I use the “create object” action with a object group inside a repeat loop (with the intention of create many different objects from the ones contained in that group) it always spawns the first object listed in the group.

Without that I can’t keep working on procedurally generated decorations for my levels.


In that example it always flip every sprite, _flower is a group containing two different sprites.

I’m missing something?

GDevelop 5 beta 92.

I don’t know how “skilled” you are, so I’ll just start with the obvious:
The action runs 60 times per second for each flower (unless it has a proper parent condition), so in a few frames, say 3 or 4 max, all your flowers are flipped.

Thanks for respond.

I get your point, but that condition is set to run once at the beginning of the scene. Not all flowers should be flipped.

I’m very skilled, btw; but it’s ok to check the basics.

Any other idea?

Here’s a quick test of Random with for each loop: