Problem with Sound Gdevelop beta110

I had a game working correctly and with the update the pitch sound fails. I have not made any changes to the game. When you grab points very fast the sound stops working, in the previous version it worked fine.

Maybe related to this bug which was recently fixed. Sound playback behaves oddly when at reduced volumes - Started sometime after b105 · Issue #2490 · 4ian/GDevelop · GitHub

Perhaps download a nightly build to see if the problem is resolved. If not, it might be worth submitting a bug report on GitHub.

did not work, after the sound fails the game stops.

I clarify that the rest of the sound goes well, it is only in the score sound, when it is played very fast it stops working and previously everything works fine.

here is the example of the Game

note: in the online version it works

can be a preview error?

I installed the game and it is still the same, the sound does not work properly when using the spring

The solution was to install the GD 5 beta-105 version.

error example

You can resolve the problem?

Please update GDevelop to beta 112.

If the problem persist thanks to open a new bug report.