Problem with spawning children objects (SOLVED)


Usually spawning multiple objects can be done easily using For Each event. In my current scene though, somehow I can’t make it work.
What I want is to make a small bullet appear, every time a big bullet spawned. For some reason the small bullet only appear once. I’m not using group because I want the small bullet moving with different speed from the parent object.
Anyone can help? Thanks in advance.
Spawning Objects and Children.7z (4.53 KB)

This event place all your small bullets in the same position :

I reccomend you to use the Linked objects extension. Create an event For each Bullet with two actions :

  • Take into account of all “Bullet_small” linked to Bullet
  • Place Bullet_small at X;Y (13.1 KB)

Ah, you’re right! That solve the problem. Many thanks for the help :smiley: .