Problem with spawning objects at start of scene

I have following event:

It is supposed to create foundation on all objects “foundation spawner”. However it does so on only one for some reason. As you can see I even added “consider all objects”, but it didn’t work. Tried to make it in a sub event (both with parent as At begining of scene and Consider all objects), but that didn’t work either.

You didn’t understand the “Consider all” action correctly. This action make GD use the event actions for all the object. But, in your example, you are creating CastleFundation, no FoundationSpawner (even if you use the expression for the positions).

To have the right behavior, use a “For each FoundationSpawner” event. (and delete “Consider all”).

Where is that for each thing? Can’t find it.

You can find “for each object” event with the other special events, search for a little arrow in the events tab, it should display that events.

The “consider all objects” is useful if you have an object condition in a “patern” event, an you want… well… consider all objects again and forget the old object conditions.
Use that condition in a first event is useless, I think :confused: