Problem with the angle

I was making the direction of the enemy but I realized that one of my enemies collides with the right arrow does not change the horizontal shape but it goes to the right, also that I have 2 enemies almost together but if one collides with the arrow the other also does can you tell me how I solve it:image

Use the “add a force” action and not “add a force towards angle”. Make your force permanent and not instant. Use the platformer example in gdevelop as a guide

ok i tried and i have a problem, i did apply a force instead of angle force and my enemy goes to the right and disappears, but i realized that my other enemy manages to walk normally and flip horizontally maybe i should copy his events from another enemy to see if it continues like this.

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You could get the events from the platformer example in gdevelop

I realized that the problem is that it does not turn horizontally, the address has already been solved