Problem with the healt behaviors when I changue the scene (solved)

I have a character, it’s a global object, because I use it in several scenes. But, when I change the scene to another, the health value goes back to the original value. I set this value to 100. In the first scene the damage is 40 for example and his health is 60 then. But, if I switch to the second scene, the damage goes away and the health goes back to 100. Is there a way to fix it or is the component for one time scenes? I appreciate any help.

I believe that making the object “global” will not make your Object variables work as Global variables. If you want his life to remain unchanged between scenes, you will need to use a global variable for this.

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Thanks, I think you are rigth. I’m going to have to change and not use that behavior in this case. I thought “healt” would be a global variable by making the object global. It’s not a problem, it’s just a little delay and a lesson. Thanks again.