Problem with the hitbox

I wanted to do something for my character but I realized that I needed to create a hitbox, I have never done one so believe it as it looks but I had to do something with my player and the hitbox on the box and I tried and my character appeared flying and could not move and the event had to be removed.

I also have another problem which is that my character and the hitbox collide with an object sometimes the hitbox manages to pass the object which is a wall and my character cannot pass and it gets out of sync with the hitbox, I hope you can help me

In the plat former example there are some values which were added in the events to get the exact position of the hit box on the player so you need to set your hit box to the exact same size as the player and if your player does not have the same position with the hit box you need to add some values in the event.

  • (value) on x axis
    This moves it to the right
  • (value) on x axis
    This moves it to the left
  • (value) on y axis
    This moves it downward
  • (value) on y axis
    This moves it upwards

bro i dont really get i can u pls tell me in detail or make a small tutorial please bro i really need it

Sorry I cannot create a video but I would explain it to you.
You can reposition the hit ox on the player with the events and also the points. With the events all you have to do is go to the events sheet and add an empty event which would have no condition and for the actions select the “position an object” action (if your using the new events editor you would have to select the hitbox and then select the actions). And then in the x-position you have to set it to “<your players name.X() - 50. This number 50 depends on the number of pixels you would love the move the hit box to towards the right and with a " - " before it move it to the left>”. Ease let me k ow if you need more explanation.

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