Problem with the left click

Hello every one. I’m a new one here. Sorry for my English, I’m french, and we are not the best to learn other language.

So, I need your help. I don’t understand a simply condition.

I want to see some pictures with a button. I insert my pictures in the animation off the same Sprite. I create a “NextButton” pour change the animation. I use the 2 conditions :

  • the curseur is on my “next button”
  • the left click of the mouse is ok (sorry for my English !!!)

Action : Change animation with the value “+” and “1”

With that, when i touch the nextbutton, my animation change but not just + 1 . Maybe 2, 3 ou 4 animation in +. I think i have to touch the “nextbutton” just 1 micro second, and not 0,5 sec. The software think i touch many time the “nextbutton” so it make +1, +1, +1, +1 even if i touch just 0,5 seconde. Can you help me for that ???

I hope i give you good description of my problem.


Yes, that is what happens.
What you want is the condition “trigger once”

I highly recommend you change your order of conditions.

If left click
Trigger once
→ subevent/ mouse is on button // your actions

Alternatively you can use the condition “mouse button released”
That has trigger once build in.

Thank you for answer.

I try your solution, but it makes the same thing.

But i find, and it’s work. I made it in 2 times

  • conditions : mouse on button + left click - Action : Run a timer “button”
    and after
  • conditions : timer “button” > 0,5 sec - Action : Change animation “+” and “1” + reset the timer “button” + pause timer “button”

like that it’s OK. Maybe it’s not the best, but it’s ok.

Thank you for your help

then you did it wrong.
with trigger once, it will only move 1 animation.

Ok Thank You.

I try again with “click is released” and it’s ok like that

I had try with trigger once before read your answer, but it’s doesn’t work. Now i know why. I used trigger once with the same level of condition.

Thank you for your help.