Problem With the VFX

I don’t know how to explain it, So I am gonna attach a file and you can then switch between the powers, by “q” or “e” or by “1,2,3,4” and you can use the powers by pressing “o” and “j” both together and see what the problem is yourself. Please tell the solution for this problem. (599 KB)

It looks good, the only problem I can see is the flickering (and moving) of the Laser VFX animation. It happens because the images are saved in “Indexed mode”, after saving them in RGB mode (in GIMP), the animation works fine :slight_smile:
I don’t know if this is your problem, if so, try these images of the laser in RGB: (7.23 KB)

Thanks man that was the only problem i was facing in this case. It was happening with all of the images except the lightning. i correct them with events. But this one was exception. and I wanna ask is that I have compressed all images to optimize game size. is I gonna create problem for all the game? is there a way to work with indexed file instead of RGBA or convert all the images to RGBA fast? I wanna optimize the game size does it depends on the assets size? What is a way to optimize the game size? Lastly there is a new problem in the updated Gdevelop file if the variable of specific power is lesser than 4 it stops the attack but what happens if I do the fire attack and use all the power of it and then switch to electric power it does the attack but the VFX is invisible. check the file. There are some other problems but i will ask later
Dragonman Native.gdg (701 KB)