Problem with TOS

I was bored an on the forum so I decided to read the full terms of service. But I noticed that there is something wrong. They are invalid as there are only placeholder for describing GDevelop, aka company_full_name, company_domain or… other placeholders.

I hope this will be fixed as I don’t want this forum to have to close for legal issues.

Did someone even read that? I think it is a really big issue and shall not be ignored. Should I try to ping someone? I am just worried after the forum.


GDevelop is a company ? :thinking:

I can edit the page but i don’t will do that, i don’t know the legal status of GD, and @4ian is the only one person who know.

Link to TOS

Sorry about this! Forgot to upload the proper T&C. This is now done.
Thanks for paying attention to these things :slight_smile: