Problem with touch controls

I’ve done the above but the player does not move at all.
None of the other conditions/actions are related to movement.

The player has a TopDownMovement behavior.

What seems to be the problem?

I have’nt yet used simulate keys actions but i suppose you forgot to write events for moving your player like these:
Left key is pressed ==> add instant (or permanent) force etc.
and so on for the another keys simulated.

Do you use platform behavior attached to your player? (it’s frequent to forget)
Let me know if this helps you.

Hey, thanks for the reply.

I had added “TopDownMovement” behavior which made the player move towards all 4 directions. This is an already finished game (which now I am trying to export for Android), so every necessary mechanics were already there for PC

Which version of GDevelop engine do you use?
As your game ran well in the past, it could be a GD version problem.
It is useful to tell the beta98 is a preversion and it could contain regression compared to old GD versions.

I am using the latest.
Okay, I will try an older version then. I am trying to find the page for past releases but I can’t seem to find it. Would someone be kind enough to provide the link for me?

I was referring to older versions, but it’s fine, I found them within the github page.
I tried it with the older versions and still nothing :confused:

Test the condition by replacing the action, and test the action by removing the condition. :slight_smile: