Problem with touch-scrolling on webpage with html5 game


I am working on creating a quiz with GDevelop to be embedded in articles on news sites and blogs.

I have exportet the quiz as an html5-game, uploaded it on a hosting website and embedded it in an article using iframe. It works great on pc browsers, but I have a problem on mobile browsers.

The quiz fills almost the entire browser window when viewed on a mobile, which is fine, but I want users to scroll past it, if they want to read further down. But when I touch the game area (canvas area) itself, I can’t scroll up or down.

I would like the users to be able to scroll past the quiz, if they like, and also be able to use touch in the quiz (on a button for example)

What can I do?

Below: The green area is the iframe, and the red area is the game itself.
I can touch-scroll the green area, but not the red.

Please help! I am grateful for any tips!