Problem with tutorial - "make a Fling game"

Hi, I need some help. I was running the tutorials related to making a Fling game. The first part “start your game” was easy and I completed it. I started the second part but got stuck in the events part. I’ll tell you where I’m at:
1 - I added a condition: Ball collides with KitchenSoap
2 - I entered the first action: Delete KitchenSoap
3- Now I should have entered another action, but I can’t. The tutorial asks me: “Let’s add another action that will be performed for the same condition.” I click on “Add an action” and in the next screen it asks me “search for layer”, I write the word “layer” and in the list that appears I select “Enable layers” and at this point I can’t understand what I have to do, because any action I take takes me back to the initial request: “Let’s add another action that will be performed for the same condition.”
Can you help me understand. thanks for your help!

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If it asks you to search for layer you are supposed to just search for word LAYER and then i guess pick any of layer actions you have to choose from even hide a layer or show layer and be sure it was action chosen for condition in same event

Like i did here
I mean that is my best guess

I wanted to thank you for your suggestion, but as you will have seen from my screen it asks me to find “layer” in the actions, for clarity I am sending you two screens in sequence. Keep in mind that the tutorial is guided so if you don’t take the right actions it won’t go on.

You should start by giving us link to that tutorial so we can try it out
Because i give you correct answer yet i have no way to test how does it work because i have no idea what kind of tutorial you are talking about or where to find it

They were talking about the “Create and Publish a Fling Game” tutorial that is built into Gdevelop on the guided tutorials page.

On the app it looks like this:

I have been having trouble completing the second part of it as well. I think there may be a bug as the tutorial messages keep disappearing.

I have tried restarting the whole fling game tutorial over from scratch a couple times but unfortunately that hasn’t proven to be helpful.

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