Problem with widget extension

When starting GD Extension not compatible pops out:

Extension ./Extensions//Widgets.xgdle could not be loaded.
Contact the developer for more informations.

Detailed log:
./Extensions//Widgets.xgdle: undefined symbol: _ZNK12RuntimeScene8GetLayerESs

Try to recompile the lastest commit (support for new version of GD) of the extension.

Don’t know where to find sources, and even if you give me, dunno how to set up extension build/development environment on Linux. There are only instructions for Windows, both in SDK help file and on site.

Where do you find the extension on Linux ?

Erm… bundled with GD 2.1?

Oops :neutral_face:
As the extension is open source, I’ve downloaded the source code to test it on linux but I’ve probably forgotten to remove the extension file from the final GD release.

It’s not a problem if you want bundle the extension (but use the last version). :wink:

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