Problems including external library in Gdevelop (edited)

I am trying to include a external library named gsap.
There are 3 js files basically which you need to use this library. I created three javascript sub-events of a single event and copied these 3 js files in the 3 javascript event repectively. And I added the “trigger once” condition on this event
The 3 js files required are as follows(when you download the library as gsap-public folder):

  1. gsap-public/umd/gsap.js
  2. gsap-public/umd/Draggable.js
  3. gsap-public/umd/CSSRulePlugin.js

As Follows:

Now I wanted to use one of its features as “Draggable.function()” of the third party in another javascript event but Whenever I use “Draggable.function()” it Says that draggable is undefined. So inside a separate condition I did this:

And also import Draggable does not works. How Can I use this library in GDevelop?