Problems with animation changes

I’m not sure how to properly implement the kind of animation I want. I’m making a faith the unholy trinity style game, but in faith when john walks his animation doesn’t change if you press another key while you’re already pressing a key. Another problem I’m having is that animations do not stop playing after releasing the keys. Does somebody know how to fix this?

So, if you press up , it moves up and the animation is up.
If while holding up, you also press say left or right then the animation doesn’t change, it stays up.
What should happen if you press and hold up and then press and hold left and then release up?

The animation should change to left. Another thing I forgot to mention was wrong with my game is that animations do not stop playing after releasing the key.

IDK if this is what you want. This is about as simple as it gets. It doesn’t handle the animations but it locks in a direction using a scene variable although an object variable might make more sense. Either or.

try me: it uses the arrow keys

I used 4 animations named as the key Up, Down, Left, Right. The case must match.

You can use separate keypress events but the concept is here.

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Thanks! It worked great.

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