Problems with bullets

I’m having a problem creating a shooting platform game.
I want my player to shoot bullets in relation to his direction horizontally.
But the bullets stay in place and I don’t know what to do.
Here is a screenshot of my test level’s events:

You do not need that line Always consider Player_Bullet as bullet. You can set “Comparable to projectile” on the properties of the automatism on Player_Bullet and then they will always be treated as projectiles anyway.

As for your problem:

You want to add a force to the Player_Bullet using the physics automatism. I would use Physics Automatism → Apply a force (angle). In that way, you can set the Player_Bullet’s angle relative to the player ( Player.Angle() ) and you will not even need to check the direction the player is facing.

Mats is right but here is an example taken from my game that shoots in the direction the tank is facing hope it helps