Problems with FPS

I’m very new to GDevelop, and I’ve been having trouble with the FPS. It looks like TimeDelta() inside the preview shows 16.67 ms per frame (60 FPS). It looks like the framerate in the preview is somewhere from around 38 to somewhere in the 40s.

How do you check the framerate in the preview, if not by using timedelta?

Click View, then Toggle Developer console, when it opens, click performance, then click the dot at the top left of the console to start recording the performance, then click stop in the middle of the console. Look to the right of the text “Frames” which show the fps. Hope this helps!

I’m getting chunks of 17ms which say about 60fps, and chunks of 34ms which say about 30fps. I would say it’s a curious coincidence…
Anyway, is this causing problems with your project?

The game code is running fine (60 FPS all the time), but it looks choppy and the developer console shows around 40 fps, until I disable max FPS, but then it will act like Vsync which is a problem because I have a 75 hz monitor which causes the game to go way too fast.

Hello @Zman_Gamer, you can use different values for forces and moving objects to avoid refresh rate issues. I had similar issues few month ago with a 144hz monitor : 144Hz monitor : serious issues with preview and exported games · Issue #998 · 4ian/GDevelop · GitHub

With this, you can have similar speeds, whatever if your screen is 60, 75 or 144Hz.