Problems with P2P

How do I fix this? When I make two separate windows of a game and connect those two clients, it works perfectly. But when I test from another computer, it never works.

Edit: I just checked with another device on the same wifi, and it works. I then changed the wifi on one device and it doesn’t work. Looks like it HAS to be on the same wifi.

The GDevelop P2P has been tested between countries too and it always worked. Your broker is probably hosted on your lan. What is the p2p error you get?

The server is the default one. I didnt get an error.

Ok, I added a Text object to display the errors, and this is what it said:

OperationError: Failed to execute ‘addIceCandidate’ on ‘RTCPeerConnection’: Error processing ICE candidate

Hey, @arthuro555 Have you found the problem?

This error is not much documented sadly so I am not sure. The only occurrence I ever saw of this error was when connecting to yourself, but as it works locally it shouldn’t be it. Can you see if there is any additional message in the console of the crashed game (Ctrl-Shift-I on a preview)

i cant install peer.js, i need help

I will try soon. Thanks!