Problems with radio buttons.

This is just two places, same problem is in other places too.

Yes, it’s a know bug due to a incorrect declaration of radio buttons.
I’ve already said it, it’s normally fixed for the next version.

Can’t we get “test build” earlier? It would help us test it out before “official” release to make sure that there are no annoying/critical bugs there (by annoying I meant ones that causes major annoyance like radio problem, not mistranslated strings or wrong font)? Of course there should be warning or something that this is release candidate and might not work correctly, but that’s about it.

Both bugs are fixed.
I sometimes release some “test” build when there is a really annoying bug to be fixed ( crash with no workaround for example ).

Yeah, I know. BTW thanks for working openSuSE version of GD (event compiling). But could you do this more often? Like every one and half month or so? This way people who need even little bugfixes/new features would still get it and I don’t believe it’s so hard to upload new build every 1,5 month (I assume you, as developer compile GD regularly).

Normally, 4ian publishes a new version of Game Develop every 1,5 month. But, he has probably more work to do for the next version.
Release new tests versions is a problem because 4ian has to release GD windows, linux, and the SDK to allow the extensions’ developer to update there extensions to work with the version.