Problems with Spawning

Okay, the game I’m making is supposed to go like this: The first enemy shows up, you solve it’s corresponding puzzle to defeat it, then the second one comes. I have the first one down, but I can’t get the second one. The second enemy spawns, and moves like it’s supposed to, but as soon as the first enemy is completely destroyed the second one stops moving. I’m assuming it’s because the full event for the first one is finished, but the second one still stops. I’ve tried timers, variables, all these different things, but the second one still stops after the first one gets deleted. I really need help on this. Thanks.

Without a screenshot of the events we can’t do a lot :wink:

Whoops. Yeah, sorry, I’ve been rushed for time. Here’s the events:

Here’s what happens when you get the right answer on the puzzle.

Here’s what I originally thought would move the enemy. I’ve since deleted the old methods I tried mentioned in the first post, (variables, timers, etc.)

Also, you’ll notice that a lot of the assets and other things are all from the Shoot 'em Up template. That’s because I’m building up from it as I familiarize myself with the program.

I can’t see any problem, can you send me the project (with resources)? If the number of events is not very large, surely I’ll get the problem quickly :slight_smile: