Problems with timer and sound

Can someone please tell me why I’m not able to use the sound or music action in timers? I am trying to get my sound played at a specific time, but when I use the sound action it doesn’t play at all, and when I use the music action it does in fact play, but it’s as if GD doesn’t like what I’m doing at all and slows down and eventually crashes. It seems as if the music started to play many times at the same time or something.

This happens if I put the reset timer action in the At the beginning of the scene event.

You have to use a variable to make sure that the action launching the sound is only triggered one time:

Conditions : Timer is > xxx seconds Variable SoundLaunched = 0 Actions : Play the sound Set variable SoundLaunched to 1

Looks like I still have quite a lot to learn about these variables :slight_smile: Thanks, man.