Processing failure due to large amount of scene movement

nice to meet you! This text uses a translator. There are nearly 50 scenes in the game I made, but when I play the game, the game slows down a lot when changing scenes several times. Is there any way to solve this problem? thank you.


How do you change scenes?


I’m using the “change scene” action. At that time, I checked “Yes” for “Stop other paused scenes”.

I think this happens because of GDevelop’s new lazy loading feature. Currently, it only preloads the assets of the main scene, leaving the rest of the assets to be preloaded in playtime, so maybe you should try this action:

If you change scenes while it doesn’t finish preloading, the loading screen will return, and you will have to wait it to finish preloading.

Thank you for your advice. I tried preloading the scene, but unfortunately the processing still slowed down. Loading screens between scenes did not appear.