Programming Midair Launching

Hi, I’m wondering if I can create something that launches the player while in the air? I’m trying to make a Sonic fangame and I’m trying to add the Dash Hoops (the red hoops). However, if I jump into them with the system I had set up prior, my character launches much faster than I want and if I fall into them I don’t go nearly as fast and fall earlier. How can I fix this? My characters have “Platforming Character” and “Physics Engine 2.0” (the latter for collision with other physics objects) applied to them, if that is anything to go by. I would like to change everything to the Physics engine, but I can’t figure out how to implement it in a platformer game style.

If you do not absolutely need physics, you should better not use the physics engine, There are already conditions and actions for collisions and a physics engine takes many resources and can make your game laggy.