Project is near to final,BUT...

Hello everyone! :smiley: I developed my little game with a long time(Some week). This project is near to finish, but has some bugs is around my project… :frowning:

i)Can’t lose
I don’t know why my game is never to lose. I follow “Beginner Tutorial”'s event but this not work on my project. See below…

ii)Enemy’s life
I set enemys have life, but they sometimes without they life.(Example: I set this enemy with 50 HP need two bullet to kill, first enemy is ok, but next enemy with one shot to kill, I can’t understand why.)

iii)Music problem
How to let music continues at next scene?
(Example: Music started at “Main_Menu”, I click “Option” to option menu, music is continues to play at option menu, click “Back” to “Main_Menu”, music also continues to play at main menu.)

iv)Firing animation & gun fire sometime not display
I set firing animation & gun fire with 1 picture only, I start firing, but they just sometime to diplay.(This bug is very early.)

Hope anyone can help me. :slight_smile:


Your pictures are too small to see your events. We can’t help.

I changed the pictures again, hope you can like me. :slight_smile:
P.S: Sorry about small picture before. :frowning:

I think your problem is that you use “< 0” test but it should be “<= 0”.

The event 6 is strange.
It will reset the timer every cycle, since life will be <= 0 when event 14 triggers.
Might prevent the “lose” process to trigger as attended.

BTW, don’t use a normal variable for your monsters’ life.
Use a variable’s object. Like

That way, only this particular monster will loose life when hits by a turret. Not all your monsters.
Then, use a if <=0 then delete object myMonster.

And what’s the point of “not at the beginning of the scene”?
Let it empty.

Hi Victor and mtarzaim, thanks for help, really thanks. :smiley: Now have music problem, look like I need to check again. :slight_smile: