Project Tundmatu

Yeah, that’s how it is! :laughing:

Hi my friend! Do you remember me? I have you talked to your YouTube channel, and on my blog!

That your project is beautiful! comments, and I appreciate everything that you post.

graphic style reminiscent of the glorious game of the Commodore C-64. I love so much this project <3

Hi! Of course I remember you!
Thank you so much for your support and kind words! It really means a lot to me!

Upgraded Demo version and xbox 360 support (testing phase).

I like the graphics. :slight_smile: A good retro.

Thanks Kalel! :slight_smile:

Tundmatu on

A Better Animation Of “The Eye Monster”

Animation still needs a lot of polishing, but it’s already a lot of better than it was before.

I lost my motivation for a long time, but now I feel it´s time to continue this project :slight_smile:

Try the game:

Map Is Getting Bigger & Improved Performance.

So as title says, I’ve been making the game world bigger. In the early demo version that I uploaded, player could explore around 48 “rooms”. Now there is around 90 “rooms”, so map is really getting bigger and bigger.

Bigger map, worse performance? No.
I’ve improved my game’s performance a lot. Early demo runs most of the time 30 fps when using bad pc/laptop. But now it runs 60 fps. It took a lot of time to find out what was causing the bad performance, but it really was worth it!

I’ll upload more advanced demo version (with better performance and more polished world) when the game is more complete than it’s now! :slight_smile:

Thank you for your support!

Very Early Intro Cutscene Sneak Peek:

In this video you will see part of the intro cutscenes of the game. Cutscenes are incomplete and work in progress. Not final work.

Great job, it’s nice to see that you’re back active, as soon as possible download the game, the animations and the colors of the monsters are really beautiful.

Thanks dude!
I wish I would have more time to develop my game… But I can’t do nothing about it for now, so the game progresses slowly but surely :smiley:

New Player Character Design! (2).gif

What do you think about the new design of the player character?

Looks quite good, I love the update. I am not as brave as you, I am buying all my art :smiley: , I tried and it’s too much time to learn on top of trying to do a game, plus I suck at it :astonished: . I have been following your game, keep up the awesome work.

That IS a good game character, the animation is simple but smooth, perfect for pixel-art. A game is more enjoyable if your player is nice and has a smooth response :smiley:

believe me, if I had enough money I would hire an artist to make art so I just could focus on coding and planning the game :smiley: Thanks, I´ll try my best :slight_smile:

Thanks! Yes, you’re right about that :smiley:

Yeah the art is I am using is really cheap, I also cannot afford custom artistry :smiley: . I am using generic public sold stuff off of

Regardless I can’t wait to see what you post next.

There seems to be a lot of good stuff! That might be the site I’ll resort to when I start making a new game somewhere in the future! :smiley: Thanks!

For artists but also for those who want to learn the basis for pixel art without spending a fortune purchasing asesprite Council by Anyway great job colors are much better than the previous animation, don’t waste your time in creating style objects perfect pixel art, because to make a single image it really takes hours you have to take every single pixel art and color it according to a precise combination of colors, the end result by satisfaction but if you calculate that for each animation you must follow the same procedure for all animations becomes difficult and you risk getting lost in the creation of images and not to go forward with the creation of games.

Of course it might take focus from making the game, but I think if you get inspired and get ideas then you have to draw it in that second before it’s gone :slight_smile: Thanks!