Proper Way to create a boundary with tiled sprites

I have a scene where I want to have walls at the boundaries. I have tiles for the four walls (top, bottom, left and right) and tiled for the four corners. What is the best way to achieve this?

Currently, I have 8 different tiled sprites, each with the corresponding tile and then I placed them manually. Isn’t there a better way? I think I remember I used tile sheets in a different tool where I was able to set different tiles from the sheet at any given coordinate of the tiled sprite. So let’s say my scene is 320x160 pixels and my tiles are 32x32. I would create a tiled sheet that is 10x5 tiles big and then say that the tile with the coordinates 1,1 is the sprite for the upper left corner. Tiles 2,1 to 9,1 are the sprite for the top middle wall. Tile 10,1 would be the sprite for the upper right corner. 1,2 would be legt wall, 2,2 to 9,2 would be grass, 10,2 would be right corner and so on.

Is something like this possible with gdevelop?

That is still in progress

Until then maybe “Grid” will help you to place your tiles easily.

Good to know that it is worked on.

What do you mean by grid could help me? For easy allignment?

Check the Grid Icon in the Menubar.
Is default 32x32, so you can increase and snap your tiles in 32px steps.

Ok, but alignment is not the problem here. I align them by an action anyway to make them match the size of my scene. The problem is that you need 8 different sprites with 8 different png files just for a wall around 4 corners.

Okay, jep so far you only can place all the tiles on the right position or assemble your tiles into a sprite in a graphic-tool and use it as an object.

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