Proplem in event's sprite

The event once works on the sprite and once not so that the sprite is given strength and when you touch another sprite the force disappears and stops once standing in the right place and once not
why this happen :thinking:

No idea from the way you’ve described it. Can you include a screen snip of your events, and maybe we can shed some light on what the problem might be.

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There’s one that didn’t stand in the right place.

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Sorry, I’m still don’t understand the problem. What’s wrong with the picture? And how do the events you’ve shown relate to the problem? What are the newTiledSprite2 and k objects? Are they objects in the screen shot? I see 3 swords stuck in a stone (and a second image with swords that look like they’re slicing/stabbing the stone). What have those sprites got to do with the events?

And as a suggestion - give your objects a meaningful name; it makes understanding and debugging a whole lot easier. NewTiledObject2 and k are meaningless names.

I’m sorry about that.
When the knife is fired, it must stop as soon as it comes into contact with newtiledsprite2 and start spinning, but many knives go a little further beyond the newtiledsprite2 and do not work like the rest of the other knives.

So is k the knife? However, NewTiledSprite2 is not the rock, because if it is the rock, then the image of the rock should be shown in the events. Which leads me to believe you’ve either screen snipped the wrong events, or you’ve got the wrong object in the events.

Also, how are you moving the knives? Can you show those events?

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Newtiledsprite2 was hidden, but in this picture it is visible, and it’s from the knives and the two pictures show that once it was handled properly and the second time not. …

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Why do you have the collision with the black object, and not with the rock?

My understanding of reading this is that the knives fire up the screen - is this correct? If so, how do the knives end up in the rock, pointing towards the middle of the rock?

It won’t work as well as I want if you make the rock stop the knives.
I tried this, and it didn’t work as well as I wanted, and the knives are in the middle of the screen and the rock, too.

Ok, I’m still not clear on what happens and what you expect to happen.

Where are the knives when they get clicked on and moved? Are they in the centre of the screen? At the bottom? Somewhere else?

Can you describe the actions you expect - where are the knives starting from? Where are they going to? How do you expect them to behave?

All we’ve got to go on are a few screen shots of knives in a rock and your comments that it doesn’t behave or handle the knives the second time round (what ever the second time round means).

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In one photo the knives did not stop at the touch of newtiledsprite2 and began to rotate away from the rock but in the other picture the knives stopped as ordered by events