Push animation error

I’ve been doing a push animation for my character but sometimes when I’m pushing a box it shows my character’s animation when it’s not moving for a few seconds, is there any way to fix it? here are the events that I was using so that the animation was not shown

Can you clarify this sentence? Does it mean that when you are pushing the box the animation is shows the idle animation? At what point - the start or some random point in the push movement? Are you using any movement behaviours?

Ok I just fixed the animation problem but I discovered a new problem, apparently when I put more than one box in the scene you can only move one box of the two boxes, the other box only moves when I push the first box

So you push one box and the other box moves too? And when you try to move the second box it doesn’t move? Is that what’s happening?

If that’s what happens

I just fixed the problem