Pushing around a ball with finger

Hi all, I’m currently making a game where the player should be able to push around a ball with their finger. The ball has Physics 2.0 behavior. To achieve this I used another invisible Physics 2.0 object which is always at the location of the player’s finger. However, although it pushes the ball with it, it doesn’t apply a force to it to make it keep moving. The moment I stop pushing the ball it just stays in place, instead of flying away like it should when a force is applied. Is there any way to fix this or achieve the same effect? Thanks!

Reduce parameters like the friction on the ball

Hi, thanks for answering! I tried that at first, but it didn’t work. However, I managed to fix the problem. What I did at first was simply set the position of the invisible hitting object always to the touch location. This didn’t apply any force on the ball and just pushed it around. But now I also apply a force on the invisible object towards the touch location along with setting its position to the touch location. Now it applies a force on the ball as I intended. Here’s what I did in case anyone wants