Put object onto random point

I have an object with 10 points setup on it. I would like to put a different object onto one of those points randomly. So when I put object onto the other object, it selects one of the random points to go onto.

I know how to put objects onto points, but I don’t know how to randomize which point on that object it goes onto.

Would anyone have an example of that? (If it’s even possible)

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I think its possible using expressions. When you put an object onto a point, you enter the name of the point as a string with quotes around it. You can use expressions to build that string, and those expressions can be randomized.

Let’s say you have “Point1”, “Point2”, “Point3”. You can use the expression RandomInRange(1,3) to get a random pick 1,2, or 3. Then surround that with ToString() to convert it to a string. A plus sign + can be used to combine that string with “Point”. You can use that as your input string to select an object point.

It should look something like “Point” + ToString(RandomInRange(1,3))

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This worked perfectly. Thank you very much.