Put Player back on his Feet

Hi Everyone, I’m doing a little 2D Skateboard platform game.
When my player is stuck, how do I make him stand up again at the current position ? :thinking:

Try with a Tween position or just use forces with rotate

Can you give me more details about it please? (Tween position and Forces with rotate)
I’m really a beginner in physics :man_shrugging: :yellow_heart:

Try this:
Add a Tween behavior to your player.
Then you need a way to check if the player is stuck, maybe check the player angle, so in the case that is true I mean the player is rotated, then add an event with
Trigger Once
Tween player angle back to 0
Another event to delete the tween
Tween “BackTo0” finished
Remove Tween “BackTo0”
Since I cant post a gif from my website here just remove the space between the http
ht tps://www.ulisesfreitas.com/tilesets/BackTo0_edit_0.gif

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Wow much thanks for making that Gif ! I’m going to follow it step by step ! :heart_eyes: :grin:

I’ll let you know if I did it right haha !

Thanks again ! :slight_smile:

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Hi Ulises,

it’s working but only if I start the game with the player at 90° angle.
and It’s working only 1 time, when my player fall on the floor again, the event is not repeating :sweat_smile:

If anyone has the same problem, I have found the solution, thanks to Ulises and a few more tries :slight_smile:

Yes !!

You need to check if the player angle is different to 0
Everytime the player is rotated then move the trigger once events inside that logic.

So check



|| OR

  • If player.Angle() == 90
  • if player.Angle() == -90



  • Player is on floor
  • Trigger once


  • Tween the angle of Player bla…

Add a new event running always


  • Tween “RotateBack” is finished


  • Remove Tween “RotateBack”
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Much thanks for the help ! :yellow_heart: :grin: :yellow_heart:

Sorry to bump this… is there a better way to get a U-Shape with 2dphysics??