Puzzle game thoughts

Hello all,

I am currently working on making a 2d platforming puzzle game.

I was just curious what all your thoughts are on multiple solutions to a puzzle in a game.

Do you think there should be more than one solution to a puzzle?
-If so, how many do you think is a good number?

Looking forward to seeing everyone’s thoughts on this

Thank you

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I don’t think so, I mean, I don’t know how hard would it be to implement more than 1 solution to the same puzzle.

Hi Umbles, I like that idea of multiple solutions especially if each one requires different kinds of skills or ways of thinking. It would give more variety to the game and also be helpful for people who think different ways to you!

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I appreciate the input so far!

The thought honestly hadn’t crossed my mind until I watched a video on puzzle games, and they mentioned one of the criteria for how difficult a puzzle is, is how many solutions it had. So the more solutions it has, the easier it was judged to be.

I’ve played a handful of puzzle games, but it was hard to tell in the moment if there were more than one solution on any of them or not, as I just solved the way I knew how, and moved on.

So I figured I would pose the question here and see what people thought.

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