Question about game size

A games project folder can just be 1 mb and when it’s exported it’s around 60 MB… Because of the process of making it an exe from what Ive seen in other threads. But is there away to make it close to the project file? Would a manual export help with that rather than automatic? Or what’s the point of manually doing it when you can just automatically, I don’t want a huge game size because of exporting it

If i remember correctly it is more or less like this
When you export a game it includes all the crap that allows your game to run as standalone exe
And that crap necessary to run your game takes that space and so i doubt exporting manually could reduce that since these are files that are needed to run your game
BUT that is if i remember correctly

Dang, I just don’t wanna get over like 150 mb

It most likely won’t help you or make you happy
But it was size of a browser that is included
In short of it we can run our games in browsers
And well we always do
That extra stuff being added to your exported game is light weight browser in which your game runs
Imagine it as exporting a movie from video editing software and it export it as exe with a built in video player
And that is the story behind file size
I may be not 100% accurate but more or less i think that is closest to explanation i seen last time someone ask same question

I wish it could just be like doom and be like 2 mb, even though it’s just a wad and it runs on dos box